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Google on the Go

 State Standards:Learning Targets: Additional Materials: 
 CCSS.ELA-Lit.SL.9-10.1.DI will respond to varying perspectives by summarizing points of agreements and disagreement.  Quickoffice app, Chrome app, QR Code Reader app

This page offers step-by-step directions for the Google on the Go model lesson. The lesson is about the conflicts between man and nature.

1. Watch the TED Video.

TED Richard Turere

2. Scan the QR Code using the QR Code Reader (iPad/iPhone) or Google Goggles app (android). Link to form.

3. Complete the form and examine others responses on the Google Spreadsheet.

4. Open Chrome. Do an image search for the plant, animal, etc. that is in conflict with man. 

5. Save at least 2 images to your camera roll/gallery by holding your finger down on the image. Then select 'SAVE IMAGE'.

6. Open Quickoffice and login. Then, create a new presentation. Add your images to the presentation. Other products students could create include, screencasts with Explain Everything. Videos 
7. Let's do some additional research using Google Books. Open Search App. Click on Books. Then, 'MY LIBRARY'. 

8. Create a shelf and make public. Search for book at top of screen.

9. Add book or article to your shelf. Shelf has its own URL, therefore you can share. Here's a sample shelf: Bookshelf. Here's a sample Article for research

10. Create an epub file using In your epub, summarize the various points of view. Then, share which side you agree with and why. Export file to Google Play Books.